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Retirement – Jackie Scheepbouwer

Please join us in extending best wishes to Jackie Scheepbouwer, who retired on Thursday, August 31st.

For over 30 years Jackie has worked at Langara College in various capacities. Her career started in the Continuing Studies (CS) Department where she first worked as a Typist then as a Clerk/Cashier; meanwhile in both roles being responsible for First Aid duties. In 2008 she became HR Assistant in CS and for the last six years Jackie has worked in the HR Assistant role as a part of the People Services team, while still providing support to the CS portfolio. In a secondary role, Jackie has also worked as an Exam Invigilator in CS since 2009.

Her contributions have stretched beyond the day to day into the overall Langara Community, with her dedication to fundraising campaigns such as the United Way Committee since 1992 and other initiatives such as the SOS campaign. Although, she will be dearly missed, we wish her nothing but the best for her next chapter (which no doubt will include horses, dogs, travel and more travel)!

All colleagues and friends are invited to celebrate the Langara Life of Jackie Scheepbouwer with cake and refreshments on Wednesday, September 27th from 3pm to 5pm in the Employee Lounge.

If you are interested in saying a few words at the event, or contributing to Jackie’s retirement gift, please visit the front desk in HR or contact us at 323-5638;

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