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LSMwinners March 20

LSM team wins big at the WCBC & CPA case competition

This year, Langara sent two teams to the Western Canadian Business Competition (WCBC) event, the junior and senior teams. The LSM team won the Senior Division at the WCBC event, congratulations!

The WCBC event is a comprehensive undergraduate business competition where students consolidate their knowledge and skills in teams to develop strategic solutions in a simulated business scenario. WCBC provides students with lasting experiences, enhancing their strategic proficiency and business aptitude while connecting them with other future business leaders.

Okanagan College has been hosting the Western Canadian Business Competition for the past several years. Like all business environments, change has occurred throughout the years for the competition. The preparation, skills and professionalism by participants has risen to meet the increased complexity and challenge of the simulations.

During the three day fast-paced competition, the student teams were required to run a complex business simulation. They needed to predict all aspects of a hypothetical company’s trajectory over an eight-year time-frame, and then they had to present their best strategic solution to a panel of judges. Junior level competitors were first-, second-, third- year business students, and senior level competitors were fourth-year students.

In the above photo, the Langara senior team:  Left to right:  Gagandeep Saini (CEO, VP Finance), Cara Eckert (VP Human Resources), Professor Bernie Maroney (coach), Wincy Wu (VP Marketing), Professor Don Hill (coach), Kabir Singh Dhillon (VP Operations).

Gagandeep is holding the award for First place, Business Plan, Senior Division. Cara and Wincy are holding the trophy for First Place, Overall Team, Senior Division.  Kabir is holding his award for 2nd place, Individual Performance, Senior Division. Gagandeep is in his last semester of the LSM PDD program; Cara and Wincy are fourth-year students in the LSM BBA program; and Kabir is a second-year student in the LSM BBA program.

Great work!

CPA case competition

The CPA annul business case competition provides teams with the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and communication skills. With over 65 teams participating during the annual CPA case competition, the Langara team was one of the top 8 teams that were invited to compete in the final round on March 10. The Langara team did not place in the top 3 of the final round, but excellent job to the team for getting to the finals.

The Langara team consisted of: Michael Lister, Christian Aguilar, Linh Dinh, and Mabel Law. Below is a picture of the team plus the coaches.

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