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Celebrating Convocation 2018

This year’s 2018 Convocation at the Orpheum Theatre was flawless in execution. The platform party, the students, and their guests were mesmerized by this outstanding event. A student shared that the new venue and decor made the ceremony very special and her parents were very pleased. This could not have been done without the tireless work from the Convocation Committee and volunteers.

With the challenges that come with a brand-new venue, managing difficult logistics, and doubling the number of graduates crossing the stage at each ceremony, detailed planning was paramount. The Convocation Committee and volunteers did an incredible job; everything looked outstanding, and the ceremonies had the right touch of gravitas.

Intricately planned, perfectly timed and executed, the 2018 Convocation ceremonies were the epitome of leadership with all hands-on deck. The success of this year’s Convocation shows the dedication of Langarans to our students!

Congratulations on a job well done.

Lane Trotter

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