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Langara Student Success Course launching this fall

The Langara Student Success Course (LSSC) is a recent initiative at Langara delivered to students completely online through Brightspace. The primary goal of the LSSC is to prepare students for academic life at Langara, as well as introduce them to key supports that are available on campus. Starting in the fall 2018 semester, all new students who are registered in one or more regular studies courses will receive access to this free online course. All employees are invited to take the course prior to the fall 2018 semester.

How to self-register:

  1. Log into Brightspace and click on Self Registration near the upper left.
  2. Select the LSSC – Employee Preview course from the Self Registering Course Offerings list.
  3. On the next screen, click register.
  4. You are now registered in the course.

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