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College keys

Issued office and room keys are property of Langara College. As a key holder you are responsible for keys issued to you. Employees are required to return keys to the Facilities Department if you are moving offices, transferring between departments.

Note: It is strictly prohibited to transfer college keys between personnel and other staff. 

For employees who are leaving the college, please return your keys to the Facilities department on or before your last day of work. Please do not leave your keys with colleagues or department administration as your keys could become misplaced or lost.

In the event of lost or stolen keys, the key holder is required to notify the Facilities department immediately.

For further information on the College keys guidelines, please refer to the web link:

The Facilities department have worked diligently on the development of our key applications with safety at the forefront. Please assist us in maintaining a safe and secure campus.

Thank you for your co-operation.

David Aucoin
Manager, Safety, Security & Emergency Management

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