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Bee Hive

2018 Halloween Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Halloween Contest…

Best Department Costumes: People Services welcomed the judges to enter the “Bee Hive” where the entire department dressed up as a team of Worker Bees! This included Dawn Palmer making a special entrance as the “Queen Bee.” As a unique touch, each member of the team cut out a personalized “beemoji” to decorate the office space. To compliment the departments’ costumes, the decorations started at the front counter and went all the way down the hallway past the Payroll department with a ton of honeycombs, daisies, and bee cut-outs.

Best Department Decorations: The HUB greeted the judges with their Finding Nemo theme and encouraged them to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming …” as they brought them under the sea! The department dressed up in costumes that referenced classics such as Finding Nemo and the Little Mermaid with appearances by Nemo himself, King Triton, as well as a Great White Shark and Hammer Head Shark. The decorations filled the entire room and were comprised of a rippling seaweed wall, colourful coral, fishing nets, and even a seaweed beanbag toss all while watching hundreds of sharks swimming above in the blue waters.

These two departments did a fabulous job!

A big thank you goes out to all of the participating departments. Honourable mentions going to the Audio Visual (IT) department for most creative. Their theme encompassed “The Dark Net” referring to Orsen Welles book 1984 that “Big Brother” is always watching… Next, to the Deans’ Office for ingenuity and best atmosphere with their mysterious skyline created with recycled comic books. Lastly, we want to mention the Counselling department for welcoming us to visit the pumpkin patch with a “Fall” theme.

Thank you to everyone who participated, especially our judges that were in the Halloween spirit and arrived in head to toe costumes:

  • Catherine Huth – Lady Bug
  • Jimmy Aitken – Unicorn
  • Dawn Palmer – Queen Bee

… and last but not least a thank you to our Photographer, Jennifer Oehler who made the rounds in a groovy costume out of the 1960s!

Click here to view all the spook-tacular fun!

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