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Spring 2019 facilities checklist

Check the list below to brush up on the procedures for absence reporting, parking, keys and other important services run by the Facilities Department.

Are you reporting absences correctly? To prevent any mistakes on your record please make sure to read this important article about the steps to accurately and timely report an absence.

Learn more about the safety guidelines and procedures at Langara College so you can keep yourself and other coworkers safe during emergencies, injuries and other types of situations.

If you drive to campus and would like to avoid getting a parking ticket, read the above article to determine your pass eligibility and how to apply or renew parking passes.

Are you moving offices or do you have a new employee? Read on to learn how you can request keys and alarm codes as well as the dos and don’ts of being a Langara keyholder.

Bonus Article: See the latest information on Office Move Procedures.

Have a question for the Facilities department? Don’t know who to direct it to? See the chart above to ensure you are contacting the right Facilities personnel.


Read all of these articles and stay informed about procedures commonly used by Langara employees.

Facilities Department

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