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Payroll updates for 2019

The 2019 pay schedule is available on the People Services website and please also note the following federal and provincial changes for this year.

1. Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) deductions will recommence for those employees who  reached the maximums in 2018.

For 2019, CPP rates have increased to 5.10% (2018 rate: 4.95%); however the maximum annual deduction has increased to $2,748.90 (2018 max: $2,593.80). EI rates have decreased to 1.62% (2018 rate: 1.66%) and the maximum annual employee deduction has increased to $860.22 (2018 max: $858.22).

2. TD1 & TD1 BC forms for 2019 – Personal Tax Credits Return

Basic personal amounts will be changed to the new 2019 rate. If you would like to claim more than the basic personal amounts (e.g. your circumstances have changed, spouse is not working or you have tuition to claim, etc.) please fill out new forms by Monday, January 21. Please access the forms under “payroll forms’ on the People Services website and return completed TD1 and TD1BC forms to the People Services Department. If we do not hear from you by Monday, January 21, your rate will be set up at the 2019 basic personal amount.Medical Services Plan

3. Medical Services Plan

Monthly premium rates for 2019 remain the same as 2018 rates and are as follows:

Single – $37.50

Couple – $75.00

Family – $75.00

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