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Introducing the 49 Langarans

We are excited to introduce our special anniversary award recipient, the 49 Langarans, to our campus community. They are a mix of current and former employees, alumni, and community members. They are change makers, founders, and visionaries. They demonstrate the diverse impact that Langara and Langarans have in the community over past 49 years.

All of our 49 Langarans are unique and inspirational. Many are current, former, or retired colleagues. Join us in celebrating their contributions by:

  • Joining us at the Special Community Preview Event – TODAY, Tuesday, November 5 from 11:30 am in T Building, Foyer
  • Visiting the Beyond 49 website to learn more about the recipients
  • Tuning into the 49 Langarans Live Stream on Wednesday, Nov 6, from 3:00 pm
  • Sending a personal note of congratulations to your colleagues who have been named as a 49 Langaran

Help us share their stories and accomplishments by:

  • Sharing tomorrow’s 49 Langarans Award announcement on your personal or departmental social media accounts
  • Including the 49 Langarans Awards announcement or a recipient story in your next newsletter. Contact your Communications Officer for assistance.

We are so proud the accomplishments of all of our 49 Langarans and our Langaran community. Be sure to check the Langara Post for more info about the 49 Langarans recipients and events.

Moira Gookstetter
Director, College Advancement
Executive Director, Langara College Foundation

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