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Announcing Wendy Lannard’s Retirement

Dear Colleagues:

The date we have feared, yet anticipated, is upon us.  It is with personal regret but warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Wendy Lannard, Director of Facilities, effective September 1, 2017.

Wendy joined the College on June 6, 1977, and her leaving marks the end of an era.  Wendy has been an esteemed member of the college community for more than 38 years, and she will be greatly missed and impossible to replace.  Her willingness to put in extra time and effort to help us meet deadlines has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that we have come to depend on.  We have all benefited from her tenacity in dealing with contractors to keep them on track, on time, and within budget, as evidenced by the completion of the new Science and Technology building.  We are indebted to her vision and commitment for propelling us to our present position in the community and assuring our sucess into the next decade and beyond.

We invite you all to share in the celebration as we extend our best wishes to Wendy as she takes a long and much-deserved “vacation”. Event details here.

Viktor Sokha
Administration and Finance

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