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University-Transfer University-Transfer

University Transfer

When you are a university transfer student at Langara, you earn the same course credit as you would in university. Many students find this is a good option because the tuition is lower compared to university and the classes are smaller with year-round enrolment.

More students transfer from Langara to the University of British Columbia than from any other college. Students can also transfer to Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and other universities in British Columbia through transfer agreements organized by the BC Council on Admission and Transfer (BCCAT). You can also transfer to other institutions where we have degree partnerships or with permission from the university.

Post-Degree Post-Degree

Post Degree

Post-degree diploma (PDD) programs are designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree and want to enhance and broaden their professional skills. These post-baccalaureate programs are valuable to domestic students who want to upgrade their qualifications and to international students who want to come to Canada and further their studies in a concentrated format.

Post-degree programs are available in Regular Studies and Continuing Studies.

careers careers


Career programs prepare you for the workplace with hands-on training from industry professionals. These programs are usually 1 or 2 years long and you will earn a Diploma or Certificate upon completion. Many Diploma and Certificate programs have limited enrolment and students may need to meet additional admission requirements. Some career programs have only one or two enrolment periods each year.

Career programs are available in Regular Studies and Continuing Studies. Work experience, paid or unpaid, is often part of our career programs.

Student farewell Student farewell

English for Academic Preparation (LEAP)

Langara English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) is an intensive ESL program designed to prepare students whose first language is not English for full-time study at English language universities and colleges.

Students may download a program brochure in English or one of 12 other languages

Summer at Langara Summer at Langara

Summer English Language Programs

Join college and university-aged international students for three or four weeks of language and cultural study in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Summer English Language Program SELP program gives you a chance to improve your English, live with a Canadian family, and take part in exciting recreation activities in Canada’s beautiful natural environment.

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