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Langara welcomes students from our local community and almost 100 different countries around the world. We aspire to be a global institution that helps students travel in Canada and also presents opportunities for our local students, many who have never travelled outside Canada, to get an international experience.

The Langara Global office is committed to enhancing our student experience and preparing them to be global citizens. We have a diverse and engaged community on campus and are increasing opportunities abroad for students, and faculty, who want to include a global perspective during their time at Langara College. And, for over 20 years, Langara has offered short-term language and culture programs to international college, university, and professional groups.

Students can find more information about studying, working, or volunteering abroad. International partners, and families who wish to host international students in their home, will also find information on these pages.

Introducing Langara Global

Langara Global welcomes international students through recruitment, admission, and student service activities. It will also serve local and national students through domestic recruitment activities and will pursue new global partnerships to enhance the student experience. Watch on YouKu.

Yusuf Varachia

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