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Students will find helpful resources on these pages for making the most of their time at Langara and preparing for the future. You will find links to orientation resources on campus, academic supports that are available, as well as relevant travel information and immigration resources.

If you are planning to apply to Langara, the brochure and video library has information  in English and other languages to help you make a decision.

Please visit the main student service page for all the services available on campus. Also, the events page has more ways to stay connected with Langara.

Student Forms

Here is a list of common forms that you may need while at Langara:

Registrar and Enrolment Services has a comprehensive list of student forms if you are in a Regular Studies program. Continuing Studies also has a list of student forms if you are in a Continuing Studies program.

Langara Students' Union

Formed in 1969, the Langara Students’ Union is an organization composed of all registered students at Langara College. Membership in the Union begins at registration upon the payment of membership fees and ceases at the end of the semester following the student’s last semester of studies.

On campus, the primary function of the Students’ Union is the protection and advocacy of the rights and interests of its members. The LSU Association functions through its Council, Advisors, and Board of Directors. These positions are held by students who are elected by the General Membership to one-year terms of office.

The LSU offers many services including acting as ombudsperson for members who are having difficulty dealing with an instructor or feeling that they are not being treated with fairness. The ombudsperson will help students navigate these problems in a safe and confidential environment.

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